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About Us



+351 211 652 357


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We are
Maid to You!

We believe that, more than cleaning your space, we take care of the people who live, pass by or work in it. For us, cleaning efficiently goes beyond the personal physical space, encompassing also what we leave on our planet.

The important thing is to start with small changes, and we do this in our company's day-to-day operations through our conscious choices.

Ana Silva, CEO



Guarantee an efficient and professional cleaning through a specialized team, based on more sustainable and eco-friendly practices and products, with less impact on the ecosystem as well as on people's health



We believe that, more than cleaning your space, we take care of the people who live, pass by or work in it. For us, cleaning efficiently goes beyond the personal physical space, encompassing also what we leave on our planet.



Transparency and Security
Efficiency and Quality

What makes us different?


Sustainability dummy-text

We guarantee quality cleaning for you and your space without harming the environment through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Wellness dummy-text

The use of more sustainable alternatives for the environment, is also reflected in a greater well-being and the feeling of doing a greater good: by the team and by the customers.


Transparency & Safety

Informing in a clear and transparent way allows the creation of trusting relationships with more security.


Efficiency & Quality

The promptness of the appointment, the products used, the trained and professional team. Our focus is to deliver a service as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Flexibility dummy-text

We adapt to your needs. We can use our product range or products selected by you.

01 Sustainability


At Maid to You we believe that efficient cleaning goes beyond your physical space. It is a matter of conscious well-being.

The use of more sustainable alternatives for the environment, is also reflected in a greater well-being and the feeling of doing a greater good: by the team and by the customers. For this reason we always seek the use of solutions and products less aggressive to the environment, and therefore less aggressive to you and your space.

Whether it is with products of your choice or the range of our EcoX partners, our focus is on using and continuously searching for the best eco-friendly cleaning products that guarantee efficient cleaning.

We also have the flexibility and experience to assess when, in specific cases, there are no eco-friendly solutions that guarantee efficient results, and with the knowledge of our customer, we will resort to the use of conventional products.

The future is clean,
over and over again!

Maid to You together with EcoX take the cleaning experience to a new level.

EcoXperience is the first company in the world to valorize a waste product (used cooking oil) to obtain environmentally friendly cleaning products.

An innovative concept based on the power of economy circular models to create effective and safe cleaning for every home and the ecosystem. For this reason, Maid to You has chosen EcoX as a partner to create cleaner environments and a conscious well-being.

Where are we?

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01 Estoril
02 Cascais
03 Queijas
04 Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo
05 Caxias
06 Carnaxide
07 Paço de Arcos
08 Linda-a-Velha
09 Oeiras e São Julião da Barra
10 Algés
11 Porto Salvo
12 Barcarena
13 Amoreiras
14 Chelas
15 Telheiras
16 Sete Rios
17 São Sebastião
18 Santa Apolônia
19 Saldanha
20 Rossio
21 Restauradores
22 Restelo
23 Parque das Nações
24 Olivais
25 Olaias
26 Marquês de Pombal
27 Lumiar
28 Laranjeiras
29 Lapa
30 Intendente
31 Estrela
32 Entrecampos
33 Colégio Militar
34 Castelo de São Jorge
35 Carnide
36 Campolide
37 Campo Pequeno
38 Campo Grande
39 Campo de Ourique
40 Cais do Sodré
41 Benfica
42 Belém
43 Beato
44 Avenidas Novas
45 Avenida de Roma
46 Arroios
47 Areeiro
48 Anjos
49 Alto dos Moinhos
50 Alta de Lisboa
51 Algés
52 Alfama
53 Alcântara
54 Alameda
55 Alvalade
56 Ajuda

What our customers
say about us?

André Paramés

Household Cleaning

A very competent and practical service. Simple and quick to hire. I keep weekly cleaning plan for my apartment. They never fail! Excellent service!

Juvenal Guerreiro

Office Cleaning

Very pleased! Punctuality and true professionals. I highly recommend this company Maid to you! Properly uniformed and exemplary manners. Thank you very much!

Michele Balola

Household Cleaning

Excellent staff, careful and with attention to detail. I had never hired a cleaning company before and could not expect a better result. I recommend.

Alexandra Ribeiro

Household Cleaning

Loved the quick service, professionalism and care for my home! Super recommended!

Carlos Renan

Household Cleaning

Best cleaning service. Guaranteed quality!

Maria Amado

Household Cleaning

Service performed quickly with great expertise and friendliness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have insurance that covers the risk of the operation such as liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for our staff members.

We accept as payment type for our services: Bank transfer, MBWay and Paypal (plus 6% commission costs). The payment is usually made before the service is performed.

When requested by the customer, the Maid to You team uses EcoX professional range products, a 100% Portuguese company with biodegradable products and eco products coming from circular economy. The employees receive training for their correct use, such as dosing and chemical application.

Generally, Maid to You teams are composed of 2 or 3 employees. If there is a need to send only one, you will be duly notified. The hours spent in the service will be affected by the number of staff members. For example, a 6-hour service provided by 2 staff members will result in 3 hours of cleaning service (3+3= 6h).

Being or not being on site during the service is a client's decision. We guarantee that we work with the best and most reliable professionals in the market, subject to a careful selection process. In the case of recurring services we will find the solution that you consider most convenient and pertinent.

Maid to You cleaning is divided mainly into maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning. Maintenance cleaning assumes that the space is subject to periodic cleaning and is a more routine cleaning. Deep cleaning is characterized by a more meticulous cleaning, with greater attention to detail. It is recommended to ask what each cleaning includes.