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About Us



+351 211 652 357


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Our process

For Maid to You, it is important to have a process that follows all the values that set us apart. Ensuring the inclusion of clients throughout the process, awakens the conscious well-being we seek in them.



Enter your personal data as well as the day and time desired. We will contact you for more specific information.



We perform the cleaning/service with the necessary quality and speed without ever losing our essence.



After we provide our services, you can evaluate the cleaning/service so that we can ensure the highest possible quality.

Our services

We have a set of quality services divided into four main groups.

Pré and Post Event Cleaning

Specific professional cleaning applicable to both domestic and professional areas which includes (as needed):

Cleaning before, during and after the event.
- General cleaning of the event area.

- Cleaning maintenance and on picket for emergency cleaning situations.

- Cleaning in detail to leave the event site in condition

Events Cleaning

Deep Steam Cleaning

Effective and thorough cleaning without chemicals, using KARCHER and VAPORETTO steam machines.
Thanks to superior cleaning performance, steam kills 99.99% of all bacteria and guarantees maximum hygiene and a healthy home environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floors or also when ironing, Kärcher produces the right steam and provides the best results. Among the great advantages are:
- They are environmentally friendly, as they dispense with the use of chemicals;
- They help disinfect and sanitize numerous surfaces and different materials in your home;
- Since the cleaning is done with steam, the surfaces dry faster;
- It allows for more effective cleaning of hard-to-reach places;
- Its use allows you to dissolve difficult substances such as wax or glue;
- . You can steam clean upholstery, mattresses, curtains, and carpets: steam is especially useful on these surfaces, allowing you to kill dust mites and remove stains;
- Floors, tiles, ceramic tiles, and metal fixtures: steam cleaning eliminates germs, mold, and mildew, and can even be highly effective at cleaning those pesky grout stains;
- Glass and mirrors: a task that will be made much easier with steam cleaning. This type of material will really look like new, without marks or fingerprints;

Cannot be steam cleaned:
- Paper and similar products;
- Delicate tissues like silk;
- Walls or any surface covered with water-based paints.

Specific Cleaning

Cleaning and Disinfection

Professional cleaning and disinfection dedicated to spaces with specific cleaning needs, as is the case of spaces in the health area, which need a deep cleaning process to ensure the elimination of viruses and bacteria, and prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

This type of cleaning is divided in two moments:

Cleaning Process: This process is the first step in the complete elimination of disease outbreaks. Usually performed with a multipurpose product, water, and a mop, cleaning eliminates apparent dirt and promotes a 95% sanitization of the antigens in the environments, on diverse surfaces.

Sanitizing Process: It comprises the following stages:
1. preliminary cleaning (physical force and removal of debris);
2. deep cleaning (application of detergent to remove organic and inorganic matter, respecting the prescribed dosages and action time);
3. rinsing;
4. disinfection (when applicable and always respecting the dosage indications, contact time and application method);
5. rinsing;
6. drying.

Specific Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Specific professional cleaning dedicated to the treatment of glass.

We remove dirt, whether limescale, mold, grease and/or paint, among others.

The cleaning action area has to be previously evaluated to measure the associated risks and study the equipment to be used.

Specific Cleaning

Floor/Garage Cleaning

Specific professional cleaning dedicated to floors and garages.
We clean garages, whether they are small or large spaces, using professional equipment such as machines, among others, according to the needs of the space.
We have the knowledge to know the type of product and/or equipment needed for the efficient cleaning of each type of floor.

Specific Cleaning

Ironing Service

The Maid To You ironing service is a service designed for the satisfaction and convenience of the client.
We know that "ironing" is one of the tasks that takes up more time, and sometimes that is not desirable.

Therefore, we have developed an ironing service carried out at the client's home and during the execution of the domestic cleaning service, which guarantees maximum flexibility, quality and economy.

If you do not choose this complement, we also have a retail ironing service (by piece or by package) to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Specific Cleaning

Building & Condominium Cleaning

Professional cleaning dedicated to common living spaces with specific cleaning needs.
We offer various types of cleaning, from one-time cleaning to deep cleaning and after construction works cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning

Schools/Kindergartens Cleaning

Professional cleaning dedicated to educational spaces, with specific cleaning needs.
We have several types, from one-time cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction works cleaning and maintenance services.
You can choose between occasional and deeper cleaning services, such as single, deep, and after construction works cleaning.
Or you can also choose for a recurring maintenance service, which allows you to keep the space always clean and organized.

Industrial Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning and Hygiene

Professional cleaning dedicated to your home and your space.

We have several types, from single cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction works and maintenance services.
You can choose between occasional and deeper cleaning services, such as single, deep, and after construction works cleaning.
Or you can also choose a recurring maintenance service, which allows you to keep your space always clean and organized.

Household Cleaning

Offices Cleaning

Professional cleaning dedicated to common work spaces
We offer several types, from one-time cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction works cleaning and maintenance services.
You can choose between occasional and deeper cleaning services, such as single, deep, and after construction works cleaning.
Or you can also choose for a recurring maintenance service, which allows you to keep your space always clean and organized.

Industrial Cleaning

Gift Cards

Offer a cleaning voucher to someone you like!

Maintenance cleaning includes:
- General cleaning of spaces;
- Cleaning doors, windows and glass;
- Floor cleaning;
- Dust cleaning of furniture and surfaces;
- Kitchen cleaning;
- Cleaning bathroom.

Gift Always Clean

3-hour deep cleaning with a 2 staff member team, for homes up to 3 bedroom, with all the necessary equipment and products included.



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Maintenance cleaning includes:
- General cleaning of spaces;
- Cleaning of doors, windows and glasses;
- Floor cleaning;
- Dust cleaning of furniture and surfaces;
- Kitchen cleaning;
- Cleaning bathroom.

Gift Refreshing Cleaning

2-hour maintenance cleaning, with a 2 staff member team, for homes up to 2 bedroom, with all the necessary equipment and products included.



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Deep cleaning includes:
- General cleaning of spaces;
- Deep cleaning of kitchen, stove, oven, cabinets, fridge;
- Specific cleaning in bathrooms, walls, anti-limestone cleaning, disinfection of toilets
- Cleaning of doors, windows and glasses;
- Balconies/Terraces cleaning;
- General disinfection of floors and surfaces.

Deeply Clean Gift

5-hour deep cleaning with a 2 staff member team, for homes up to 3 bedroom, with all the necessary equipment and products included.



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Guarantee of

For any Satisfaction Guarantee or Complaint issues, please contact:


When the Maid To You team comes to your home, you will be aware of our exacting standard.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all cleaning services and request feedback from our customers to help us meet your needs every time.

If after the services you are not satisfied with any area we clean, call us and within 24 hours we will return to the site.
We don't consider your home completely clean until we go through our "HEAL TOUCH" cleaning system, where Maid To You teams use a HEPA filtration system, which can capture up to 99% of the bacteria, pollen, allergens, pet dander and other pollutants that can enter your home and make life difficult for allergy and asthma sufferers. Every visit from us will improve the air quality in your home, ensuring that you can breathe deeply and comfortably.

What our customers
say about us?

André Paramés

Household Cleaning

A very competent and practical service. Simple and quick to hire. I keep weekly cleaning plan for my apartment. They never fail! Excellent service!

Juvenal Guerreiro

Office Cleaning

Very pleased! Punctuality and true professionals. I highly recommend this company Maid to you! Properly uniformed and exemplary manners. Thank you very much!

Michele Balola

Household Cleaning

Excellent staff, careful and with attention to detail. I had never hired a cleaning company before and could not expect a better result. I recommend.

Alexandra Ribeiro

Household Cleaning

Loved the quick service, professionalism and care for my home! Super recommended!

Carlos Renan

Household Cleaning

Best cleaning service. Guaranteed quality!

Maria Amado

Household Cleaning

Service performed quickly with great expertise and friendliness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have insurance that covers the risk of the operation such as liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for our staff members.

We accept as payment type for our services: Bank transfer, MBWay and Paypal (plus 6% commission costs). The payment is usually made before the service is performed.

When requested by the customer, the Maid to You team uses EcoX professional range products, a 100% Portuguese company with biodegradable products and eco products coming from circular economy. The employees receive training for their correct use, such as dosing and chemical application.

Generally, Maid to You teams are composed of 2 or 3 employees. If there is a need to send only one, you will be duly notified. The hours spent in the service will be affected by the number of staff members. For example, a 6-hour service provided by 2 staff members will result in 3 hours of cleaning service (3+3= 6h).

Being or not being on site during the service is a client's decision. We guarantee that we work with the best and most reliable professionals in the market, subject to a careful selection process. In the case of recurring services we will find the solution that you consider most convenient and pertinent.

Maid to You cleaning is divided mainly into maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning. Maintenance cleaning assumes that the space is subject to periodic cleaning and is a more routine cleaning. Deep cleaning is characterized by a more meticulous cleaning, with greater attention to detail. It is recommended to ask what each cleaning includes.